Chelsea Sieg

Chelsea Sieg is an Indiana-born and Arkansas-raised poet and zine-maker, currently residing in Vancouver, Washington. Her work has been featured in Voicemail Poems, Philosophical Idiot, The Big Windows Review, New Pop Lit, and others; additionally, she hosts the Everything is Garbage Poetry Show, a curated show dedicated to spreading happiness and spoken word in the face of a world that can occasionally be very garbage. Her first chapbook, fractured starlight, was published in 2018 and explores trauma in a way that has been described as "terrifying" and "really fucking scary"; her second chapbook is forthcoming in 2021. She is on a constant search for acceptance, a forever home, and delicious pizza fries.

Latest Publication

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fractured starlight is a collection of fifteen poems about trauma. Fully illustrated physical copies are available on Etsy; e-books are available on Etsy and

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