Palette Swap


Palette Swap is a surreal dark comedy visual novel about an art student named Zaria whose body is stolen through a mysterious painting. Now it’s up to her, a weird girl she meets inside of said painting, and an even weirder bird-creature to find a way out.

Palette Swap was created as part of NaNoReNo 2016. I was co-writer, working with the following great folks:


Lead Writer & Director: kaleidofish

Editor & Concept Development: kaenSe4

Sprite & Background Artist: Rachel Noto

Letters Programmer & GUI Artist: Duskylli

Quality Assurance: Thestral

Special Thanks to BobotheParrot, from kaenSe4


The game is available for free download on and GameJolt. For more information, read our Lemmasoft thread, or read about the game on kaleidofish's website.