- fractured starlight (2018) Physical books on Etsy; ebooks on Etsy and


- this is what I've got (2019) Available on Etsy.

ADVaNCE Zine (2016) Available on


- bryan (The Big Windows Review, 2019)

- fractured starlight - xiv. (Some Strange Circus, 2018)

- fractured starlight - x. (Some Strange Circus, 2018)

- fractured starlight - vii. (Some Strange Circus, 2018)

- Honeycomb (Her Story Blog, 2018)

- Freelance (Philosophical Idiot, 2018)

thank you for supporting your local counseling and psychological services (Voicemail Poems, 2017)

- Talent Show (Rejected Lit, 2017)



- A Sewing Machine (Some Strange Circus, 2018)


- Yumi-chan's Wonderful Cake Shop (writer/director, forthcoming)

- Palette Swap (co-writer, NaNoReNo 2016)


- the last love song (writer, 2015)

- lucky me (writer, 2015)

- Sheets (writer, 2015)


In the past, I have done video game reviews for Power Gaymers (now defunct) and Anime Backgrounds. I also publish reviews to this website; while I mostly review visual novels and interactive fiction, I occsaionally review books, and sometimes even super random things like organic Halloween candy. A complete list of my reviews is here.

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