Circus Rambles - On GenCon 2017

I intended to write this days ago, but a couple of things got in the way. One, I actually spent my vacation relaxing, instead of worrying about all the things I constantly worry about. (Okay, I worried about some of them, but not nearly as much.) And two, I seem to have picked up the plague at some point while in Indiana! Doctor's appointment is tomorrow. The symptoms feel to me like the time I had mononucleosis, which doesn't usually recur but can. I have a bad feeling it might be strep, since I've never actually had it and these things have a way of catching up with you. Whatever the cause, I am currently laid up in bed feeling like absolute garbage, taking various over-the-counter medications in an attempt to stave off death by plague, and that's the perfect kind of mood for writing.

So GenCon! I was only there for a few hours of one day, but as usual, I liked what I saw. I didn't spend nearly as much this year, although that's not so much my great budgeting skills and more because I simply didn't have the money to spend. I did pick up Orphans and Ashes, which was touted to me as "the world's best orphan-burning simulator," and if that isn't great marketing then I don't know what is. I then had to explain what Orphans and Ashes was to my therapist, which was a wonderfully fun conversation that hopefully won't be counted against me if I ever get committed.

(I also bought an art book and some stickers, because I'm boring and poor. And a pulled pork sandwich because I forgot to eat earlier and was getting so hungry that I was shaking, which is always fun.)

Maybe one of these years I'll get to stay at GenCon for more than just the one day. We'll see. I've been happy with what little I've seen of it so far. It's a different feel than anime conventions and it's a lot easier to spend the day just wandering around, since you can spend a lot of time playing games and not just trying to figure out what to spend your little money on. Also, where else am I going to find orphan-burning simulators?

I've thrown up my few usable pictures onto my Instagram account, which I'm going to try to start using more. Feel free to have a look if you like poorly taken pictures of random things, because I am no photographer.

And now I'm off to go collapse back into bed. Fuck being sick. Fuck feeling like garbage. Everything is awful. =D Hopefully tomorrow I get some antibiotics that will improve my sour outlook on life.

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