Circus Rambles - On the world literally burning down around us

So maybe you've heard about the Eagle Creek/Columbia River Gorge fires. Maybe you know that I happen to live in Washington state, rather close to that area.

I am not under any sort of evacuation orders and from what I can tell the fire is not going to reach where I'm at unless there's some sort of additional catastrophe. I'm still worried, because I have anxiety and I worry about a lot of things. But realistically, I will probably be okay.

I'm very sad that over 10,000 acres of beautiful land are up in flames because a stupid, careless teenager set off illegal fireworks and started this fire. I'm very sad that the skies are clogged with smoke and ash is raining down on my city. I'm very sad and very angry and very scared. I'm writing about it instead of doing something stupid and unproductive. I'm kind of shifting between trying to block it out and trying to accept it, and it's very muddly. Also I'm still going to work and living a regular life I guess.

My employer is sending us face masks. So that's pretty cool I guess.

With this and the hurricanes, it's really hard not to feel like the world is ending.

I don't really know what else to say. Thanks for reading.

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