Circus Rambles - On boring life updates

Hey guys! I like being real. So let's be real for a bit. There are two parts to why content has massively slowed down lately, a practical part and a mental health part.

Practical part: The next game I'm reviewing for Anime Backgrounds is motherfucking long, and it was further time delayed by an update that broke it.

Mental health part: Have I mentioned that PTSD really fucking sucks? =D

So yeah, those are both things. As far as the practical part, all I can say there is that I'm chipping away at the game whenever possible. As far as the mental health part...sigh. Working on it.

On the plus side, I did just see American Murder Song, and that was very fun. I bought a T-shirt and a pin, but in retrospect I kind of wish I'd gone for the lunchbox instead. And I did just "celebrate" a birthday. I put that in quotations because I didn't do much except go get a free burger from Red Robin. It's actually not the worst birthday I've had, though.

So yeahhhhhhhh, that's fun stuff.

Oh hey, November 14th is Young Readers Day. So maybe you should find someone young and give them a book and be like, "Yo! Read this!" Because reading is good.

I kinda ran out of things to say there. I should go sleep or something. I'mma do that.

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