Circus Recommends - Games to pick up on the Steam Autumn Sale

It's that time of year again: the time where a whole bunch of things go on sale everywhere! Steam gets in on Black Friday early with its 2017 Autumn Sale. If you somehow have some free time and aren't already super behind on a bunch of other games that you bought at the last sale, then why not pick up one of these?

Hanako Games Collection: The entire Steam collection of Hanako Games titles is on sale for $39.60. That's nine fabulously made games for lower than the price of one generic shooter. You'll get credit for any games you already own, so it's a great way to round out your library. My personal favorites from her are The Confines of the Crown (which was previously named The Royal Trap), Black Closet, and Magical Diary.

InvertMouse Bundle: InvertMouse is a masterful storyteller and always has a good plot twist for us. His whole collection is 49% off. The Last Birdling and the Unhack duology are my favorites.

eden* they were only two, on the planet: A beautiful and tragic romance with the apocalypse as a backdrop. 65% off. You aren't missing that much by not having the adult version from MangaGamer, and this is a good price for the original.

Hatoful Boyfriend: The world's best pigeon dating simulator. 75% off. I feel like it goes on sale relatively often, so you may not urgently need to pick it up, but a hilarious riot with surprisingly deep themes and stories is never a bad idea.

planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~: 75% off. Another sweet and sad kinetic novel set around the apocalypse (well, after) that fully succeeds in evoking the feels like a real Key Visual Arts game should.

Highway Blossoms: 40% off. A yuri romance with a healthy dash of treasure-hunting. An adult patch is available on the developer's website.

Hopefully among all these suggestions, you'll find something to your liking! Happy Thanksgiving!

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