Circus Rambles - On adulting

So here are the Extremely Fun Adult Things I did today.

- Woke up on time

- Went to the doctor

- Applied for a passport

- Bought some groceries

- Took my cart back inside the store

Clearly I am doing really well. I mean, the clerk at the post office seemed to think so. She said that I was very well prepared. Also, when she was looking through my application, she said, "Never been married? Smart girl." So I think that's a compliment.

I'm not sure if it's all the adult-ish things I've been doing today, but I'm in a weird mood. An independent mood. I don't even know. Maybe it's because I hardly ever feel like a real adult, more like I'm just a paper doll trying to be one of those porcelain dolls you have on a shelf that is loved and cherished even if you didn't really get the purpose of it when you were younger. That metaphor makes no sense.

Man, I haven't felt this much like rambling in a while. It's kinda weird. I guess that's why I call it Circus Rambles, after all. I kind of wish that my rambles didn't all sound like I was massively drunk, though. Because yeah, they all sound like I'm massively drunk. Or tripping on acid. Or something else regretful.

Possibly what prompted my mood is this song.

Cryaotic linked it in his latest episode of his Night in the Woods playthrough, and I listened to it and immediately bought it because I thought it was so amazing. So I'm telling you all about it.

Okay I think I've had enough rambling for now. Maybe I could eat a thing. I don't know.

I think I'd be good at writing a high character. Maybe.

Um, I hope you guys have a good Friday. Or something.

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