Circus Recommends - Wonderful things I read in 2017

So yeah, I'm doing one of those posts where I recommend things to you, as if you didn't have enough things getting recommended to you already. I'm big on visual novels as usual, but this year I've also read a lot more poetry, probably because I moved to a place that has actual real live poets who perform and publish awesome things. So we're gonna be doing a little of both. Hope that's cool.

ANYONE CAN PAINT THEIR NAILS BECAUSE GENDER IS IMAGINARY EVERYTHING IS MEANINGLESS LOVE IS A MYTH SEX IS GROSS WE ALL DIE ALONE AND OUR STUPID BODIES WILL SOON RETURN TO THE DUST FROM WHENCE THEY CAME: Chapbook by Jamie Mortara, who has written a few others and also hosts an awesome poetry slam. Yes, that is the full title. Oh, and they have a website where the cursor is a unicorn. What more could you want?

Mouthful of Forevers: Poetry collection by Clementine von Radics, who has written a few others and also hosts an awesome poetry slam. Maybe you're noticing a theme here.

The Last Birdling: The latest visual novel from Invertmouse and probably my favorite of their works. I did a full review of it here and here, but the short version is that it's a beautifully tragic friendship story that is absolutely worth your time.

How Are You Feeling?: A really weird book by a guy who writes a bunch of really weird books. When I read it, I was honestly blown away by how much I identified with it, and that has reminded me that I need to go purchase a copy.

Nightshade: Another visual novel, this one translated. I reviewed it here (has not been reposted to the personal blog just yet). In the interest of full disclosure, my recommendation does have to come with a caveat. One route in particular, Hanzo's, is probably one of the best routes I've read in any visual novel, period. While none of the other routes are bad, they don't come close to measuring up to the quality of Hanzo's route, and that is something to keep in mind.

And there you have it! Hopefully you will find something to your liking, and hopefully I will get off my ass and read more things in 2018.

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