Circus Recommends - Totally random Youtube roundup

Hey y'all. Been wanting to start recommending more of the stuff I've been watching online, and figured hey, why not also start actually using this thing like I should be? Two birds. One stone. Which is terrible because you shouldn't throw stones at birds. But anyway.

Haven't decided how often I'm gonna do this, but every so often I'm going to throw up some links to some cool videos I've watched recently. They will be on a bunch of entirely random subjects. They will be things I've enjoyed and want to watch again. They won't necessarily be new; they could be from ten years ago for all I care. Only criteria is that I watched it recently and thought it was cool. Won't that be fun? It'll be fun. Let's go.

Nerdwriter1 - How Fleetwood Mac Makes A Song

My dad is big into Fleetwood Mac, and as the frequent passenger in a variety of very tall trucks he drove throughout my childhood, I wound up big into Fleetwood Mac too. This video is specifically about the song "Dreams" off the Rumors album. It was quite enjoyable as both a Fleetwood Mac fan and a former band kid.

Shammy - An Actual Review of ReCore

To be honest, I want to recommend most of Shammy's videos. I discovered Shammy pretty recently and am honestly surprised that it's as new of a channel as it is. Mr. Owl sounds like they've been doing this for so much longer However, I can't go recommending everything, so for this roundup I chose the one that contains my favorite line. It's the line about giant squid.

Kinnsao San - Over The Rainbow AMV (Madoka)

Yeah, I watch AMVs. What about it? Also this contains hella spoilers for Madoka Magica and Madoka Magica: Rebellion.

Chiikaboom - [RS] Danse De Raven

Speaking of AMVs, I watched this one again because my Princess Tutu nostalgia has recently kicked back in. Spoilers for Princess Tutu, but dude you should totally just go watch Princess Tutu.

Musical Hell - The Hunchback of Notre Dame II: Musical Hell Review #68

Discovered this channel through Youtube recommendations, and now I'm recommending a video to you. I love a good Hell metaphor.

Xophilarius - Pending... (Death Parade AMV)

Okay last AMV I swear. This one got me on a new earworm candy song and has also made me interested in checking out Death Parade, so that's pretty neat. (Still need to actually do that though.) I am going to assume this has spoilers for Death Parade but I haven't actually seen Death Parade.

JelloApocalypse - If UNO Was an Anime

This is hilariously accurate gold.


All right kids, that's it for this time. Go watch some Youtube!

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