Circus Recommends - March 2018 YouTube Roundup

Decided to make the YouTube roundup a monthly thing, to be released during the last week of each month. Also, apologies for being quiet lately; I had an unexpectedly rough weekend. Also also, in the future there will probably be more videos per roundup than this; now that I know exactly how I want to do these roundups, they should go smoother.

With that, let's get into some videos.

KingK - Pokemon Colosseum Retrospective

Had some Pokemon Colosseum nostalgia lately, and wound up hunting for some videos on it. This was my favorite of the ones I found. Several of his other video game retrospectives are really good too, though I'll warn that you'll get the most out of them if you've played the game in question, this one included.

Fatguy703 - BEST RANDOMIZER EVER - Yoshi's Highland

This is a three-hour stream of a mod called Yoshi's Highland, which adds a ridiculously insane randomizer to Yoshi's Island. It spawns random sprites with random attributes all throughout the level, and needless to say this makes gameplay a little bit crazy. However, I am aware that a three-hour stream is kind of a time commitment, so I'm also recommending:

Fatguy703 - PURE YOSHI CHAOS - Yoshi's Highland [Highlights]

A twenty-five minute highlight video going over some of the funniest moments in the above-recommended stream.

JelloApocalypse - Every Pixar Movie Reviewed in 10 Words or Less!

Okay, you've probably seen this one already. It got over two million views in three days and got to number one on the YouTube trending list for a while. But I'm recommending it anyway because I really liked it. This one in particular goes into detail about Jello's ranking system, which is good info to keep in mind when you watch his other 10 Words or Less review videos.

MML's Commentaries - Monopoly is Broken, and That's Okay

Saw this one through Twitter. I have some childhood nostalgia for Monopoly; my grandma had an older copy and we used to play it together, but very rarely managed to finish a game. Sadly, I can't get anyone to play it with me these days.

Lockstin & Gnoggin - The Psychology of Bojack Horseman | Gnoggin

Bojack Horseman is an amazing show, and this video is an analysis of one of the reasons why: its realistic and sometimes hard to watch portrayal of mental illness.

Amarante Music - Amarante - Home (Official Music Video)

Latest release from Amarante, an indie band I found through some of Cryaotic's videos. Super nice song.

Todd in the Shadows - TRAINWRECKORDS: "The Funky Headhunter" by MC Hammer.

An interesting look at the titular MC Hammer album. Lots of good info.

PushingUpRoses - But Here's What REALLY Happened: The True Story of Clue

A comprehensive review/analysis of the 1985 movie Clue. Yes, based on the board game.

Glass Reflection - GR Anime Review: Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp)

A review of the anime Yuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp that really, really made me want to check it out. Maybe one of these days when I get caught up on all this work. ;-;


That's all I got for today, guys. Happy trails!

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