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Hey y'all. Still really depressed. Is great. =D

In my saddened state, I have been turning to video games for solace, as I often do. I can't afford newer consoles, and so the newest system I have is a DS Lite, and so most of my games are pretty old. I haven't played any newfangled Breath of the Wild or Sun and Moon or whatever. I mostly just play the same old games over and over again. (Most of the "new" games I play are on PC, but that has fallen by the wayside in recent months because my laptop is now so old that it can't run the newest visual novels, let alone anything really stressful on the processor.)

But despite my stubborn refusal to let the past go, I do acknowledge that the graphics and systems of the future are pretty cool. And what can you get when you combine games of the past with technology of the future? You get remakes! And there are a few remakes in particular I could go for.

The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

These remain my favorite Zelda games (probably because, again, I haven't played any of the newer ones). They had a fantastic concept; they were really well-designed; they had fun and colorful characters. You got to play God with either nature or time. You got to hear Ralph shouting "NAYRUUUUUU!" all the time. Can we has remake, please? I don't know if these games are underrated, exactly, but I don't hear them talked about as much as a lot of others, and I really want more people to know about them. Plus, with how easy it is to do multiplayer these days, I bet they could do something interesting with the linked game concept that the originals had.

Pokemon Colosseum

This game has its flaws (no turning off battle animations is a huge one), but it tried a lot of new things for its time, and I think it'd be cool to see some of those things brought back with some of the new mechanics. I'm not a giant fan of triple battles, but I wouldn't mind seeing how the all-double-battle-for-some-reason Orre handles them. Wes was a criminally underutilized protagonist that deserves better writing than he got. Shadow Pokemon were actually a cool idea. Why haven't you brought us more of this one, Nintendo?

Although to be honest, if they remade this game and did nothing different except removing Rui, I might actually play that. Having a partner physically impede your progress is one of those flaws I just mentioned.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Okay, this game has already had a Special Edition (for the Playstation 2 rather than the GameCube). But if you're a Harvest Moon fan, you probably already know how well-regarded that "special" edition is, with its legendarily awful frame rates and loading issues. A Wonderful Life is a great game that deserved better treatment than the shoddy PS2 version. It had well-realized characters and a darker tone that made it stand out from other games in the series. Unfortunately, the fiasco involving Natsume and the rights to the Harvest Moon name make this one the least likely to happen, but I still have a tiny bit of hope left somewhere in the corners of my withered heart.

The Harry Potter Game Boy Color games

When the Harry Potter films were first being released, the Game Boy Color was still around, and so the first two Harry Potter films got video game tie-ins released for it. They're markedly different from most other Harry Potter games in that they're turn-based RPGs. You mostly follow the stories of the books, with the addition of monster hordes and some cool sidequests, like collecting Chocolate Frog cards or beating up children in the Dueling club. I loved the hell out of these games and have beaten both of them an embarrassing number of times. I get that the films and books are done by now, and in all honesty a new game is more likely than remaking games based on the first two books/films. But if nothing else, they should make another Harry Potter game like this. The RPG mechanics worked surprisingly well.

That's all I got for remakes I wish would happen but probably will never happen. Never give up hope, I guess.

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