Circus Recommends - April 2018 YouTube Roundup

Well, I certainly haven't done much so far this month. -_- Yay. I did watch a bit of YouTube, though.

The Completionist - Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages | ft. PeanutButterGamer | The Completionist

To be honest, The Completionist's videos are a bit hit or miss for me. Sometimes I love them; sometimes I'm just not drawn in. This one drew me in pretty quickly. Probably because Seasons and Ages are my favorite Zelda games; probably also because of the added presence of PeanutButterGamer, who has long since proven that he is great at talking about The Legend of Zelda. I would not object to remakes of these games, for the record.

UnspokenVisions - ι'м нєяє, ∂σи'т ¢яу. (Dedicated to my 800 subs :D)

Look, guys, I watch AMVs. I'm not gonna apologize. Anyway, I've been super nostalgic for Princess Tutu lately, and there aren't a huge amount of AMVs out there aside from Hold Me Now which everyone on the face of the Earth has seen. Unfortunately, this channel has long since stopped updating and they don't appear to have done any other Princess Tutu AMVs that I can find. But this one is short and sweet and cute and I like it despite not being a huge Fakir/Ahiru fan and I'm gonna stop talking before I get shot.

BREADSWORD - Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

Again, being honest...I had this one recommended to me by the almighty YouTube algorithm several times, and I avoided it at first because the title made me think it was going to be yet another video explaining why Treasure Planet is the worst Disney movie ever. I fully acknowledge that Treasure Planet is not a perfect film, but I can't help it; I really enjoy it. This movie goes over what the movie does right and what it does wrong very eloquently, and I'm glad I finally did click on it.

Chuggaaconroy - Creating a Let's Play: What You've Taught Me

Fair warning: this video is two hours long, so you'll need to set aside a bit of time to watch it. It's a very extensive look at everything that goes into creating a Let's Play, from the equipment to the editing and everything in between. The creator acknowledges that his system is not a perfect system and not suited for everyone, but I personally found it very informative and I think it would be good viewing for anyone wanting to get into YouTube.

PushingUpRoses - Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise

A quick review of a children's adventure game from the early 90's, back when educational games were a big thing. The Let's Play of the game that is mentioned in the video can be found on Roses' channel as well, and I personally really enjoy it. (Said Let's Play also features Todd in the Shadows, the not-so-special special guest!)

LGR - Storybook Weaver Deluxe: More Text-To-Speech Mayhem

This video reawakened my long-dormant nostalgia for Storybook Weaver, although the version reviewed is not the exact one I had. But damn, did I love Storybook Weaver back in the day. Did some book reports on it. Wrote some weird-ass stories. Good stuff.

Full Fat Videos - The Economics of Animal Crossing | Video Essay

Overview of economics in Animal Crossing. (Wow, what an interesting description I've made.) Does not include the mobile version.

TheJWittz - The 90's D&D + Pokémon Board Game

A review of a very old Pokemon D&D style game for kids that I had no idea even existed.

Lindsay Ellis - The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy

A three part video essay/documentary/dissection of The Hobbit film trilogy and some of the behind-the-scenes production stuff that went along with it. I'm linking the first part, but you should watch all three. The ending of the third part, in particular, really hits home.


And that'll do it for this time. Happy watching!

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