Circus Rambles - On old Pokemon books

Earlier today, I was playing an older Pokemon game, and for some reason this got me thinking about the various Pokemon merchandise I owned when I was a kid. As a slightly rabid reader, some of those things were books and some of them ended up falling apart pretty nicely over the years. Others were given away by my parents, who honestly didn't know any better, during one of their moves. Still others are in storage at my parents' house and arranged in a nice pile labelled "Do not get rid of these or else please and thank you" just for fun. All of this thinking combined with the lengthy boredom of a day off work ended with me browsing the Internet trying to find some of the old books I had back in the day.

One in particular, I recalled, had green pages and guides for Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, and at least one poorly-told dirty joke that flew right over my head because I was a student at Catholic elementary school at the time. This was not much to go on, but I think I managed to find the right one...

At least, I hope it's the right one, because I bought it on Ebay. I checked a few pictures of the interior and it rang some bells. I guess we'll find out between the dates of May 31 and June 7.

Then I remembered having this book...

It's literally fanfiction. It's self-insert fanfiction of the Johto journey. That said, I don't remember it being that bad, but I was like nine or ten when I had it, so there you go. Hilariously, for a few years I thought that Taylor and Mark were the canon names for Gold and Silver respectively thanks to this book, and for years that was what I would name them every time I replayed the Gen II games.

There were a bunch of more...official books, shall we say, that basically retold the anime with wider line spacing. I definitely did not have all of these, but I remember having a few and this one in particular:

Although the only thing I really remember about it is that Ash and Gary had a battle and Gary won but wasn't a complete jerk about it, which made a nice change.

This has all gotten me rather nostalgic. I do miss the simpler times. I might look around more for some other ones if I can remember any of them.

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