Circus Recommends - May 2018 YouTube Roundup

Time for more YouTube guys okay

Genna Bain - TB & Genna Play HuniePop

On May 24, 2018, TotalBiscuit passed away from cancer. So, I'm linking one of my favorite videos of his and Genna's. Feel free to skip this one if you aren't interested.

Call Me Kevin - Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup but it's 2018

This creator's videos keep getting recommended to me, so I decided to check one out and it was pretty fun. Reminded me that I used to own this game on the Game Boy Advance way back in the day, and I always like a touch of positive nostalgia.

24 Frames Of Nick - Why High School Musical 2 Is The Best One

An analysis of the High School Musical series with a focus on why the second one is the best one. I'm not sure if I 100% agree with everything. But I appreciate passion and I appreciate making points to defend your work, and I appreciate learning about sexual chemistry between Chad and Ryan.

JelloApocalypse - Tip of the Tongue - WRITING | How to Write Characters

Yes, Jello is that one who made the "Welcome To" series on YouTube and now does the "So This Is Basically" series. I'd been meaning to check out this podcast for a while, and hot damn, it's pretty cool. It's about voice acting, video editing, writing, and things like that. I'm recommending the episode I enjoyed the most because it's the most applicable to me, but if you're a voice actor or a YouTuber then you might enjoy the other episodes more.

LGR - Jump Start - PC Game Review

Jump Start was fucking awesome okay.

Just Write - How To Write Plot Twists (Spoilers)

A video on how to write plot twists, surprisingly enough. Spoilers for several famous movies; the description of the video contains a full list of what movies are spoiled and I would recommend checking that before watching.

The Dom - Voldemort: Origins of the Heir - The Dom Reviews

The Dom is perhaps better known for his Lost in Adaptation series in which he compares books to the films that were based on them, and no he isn't THAT kind of dom. But every now and then he reviews things. This one in particular is done in persona as Terrance, an asshole from Ravenclaw, and I do think that you'll get the most enjoyment out of this review if you're a Harry Potter fan. I am that, so enjoyment I did get. Spoilers for the fanmade film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir.

Scykoh - Hey You, Pikachu! - Story Quest

A self-described overanalysis of the old N64 title "Hey You, Pikachu!", otherwise known as that one game where you could shout at Pikachu over a microphone.

ShayMay - An Exhaustive Look at Pokemon Omega Ruby

This is a seven-hour analysis of Pokemon: Omega Ruby. I'm not kidding. It's literally seven hours. I have to applaud it for sheer effort. It's certainly an interesting watch, but absolutely a time commitment.

KingK - Super Mario Sunshine Retrospective

A retrospective on the GameCube game Super Mario Sunshine.


That's all for this time. See you later!

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