Circus Recommends - June 2018 YouTube Roundup

Here we go again; we're watching YouTube with all our friends...

Rong Rong - Harvest Moon in a Nutshell - Back to Nature / Friends of Mineral Town

Exactly what it says on the tin. Six minutes or so of poking fun at BtN/FoMT.

blameitonjorge - 9 Episodes of Kids Shows That Dealt With Serious Issues

I somehow found this while stumbling through recommended videos, and I have to be honest...I had never seen adults trying to explain the concept of death to Big Bird and it kind of messed me up for a minute. But anyway. Good video about kids' shows that explore more serious topics.

Musical Hell - The Secret of NIMH 2 (Musical Hell Review #71)

This is a painful movie to watch, but a fun movie to watch people make fun of.

Todd in the Shadows - TRAINWRECKORDS: "Be Here Now" by Oasis

I was never particularly into Oasis, but I found this to be an interesting video nevertheless.

Lindsay Ellis - The Ideology of the First Order

Honestly, I have never been into Star Wars and thus I didn't get as much out of this video as I have Lindsay's other ones. But I feel like a Star Wars fan would find it engaging.

24 Frames Of Nick - Do You Remember Monster House?

An analysis of the 2006 animated film Monster House. I did not, in fact, remember this movie too well, although I'm pretty sure I have seen it before.

BennettTheSage - Oldtaku, New Tricks: Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

A quick look at the titular anime that doesn't really spoil anything and convinced me to give the show a chance, so that's something.

Games As Literature - Review: The Last Birdling

I purchased this game for GamesAsLit and he reviewed it! It's a visual novel called The Last Birdling that I personally enjoyed, and this review doesn't spoil anything, so go watch it and see if maybe you'd like to try it out yourself!

Koala Kontrol - The Eden Project - Crazy in Love ft. Leah Kelly

Latest song obsession here. As far as I can tell this artist releases most of their songs for free. I'm going to go ahead and also plug their Soundcloud, as well as their YouTube channel which for some reason doesn't have this song on it.


That's it for this time. Enjoy!

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