fractured starlight previews

Hello hello!

fractured starlight, my first poetry chapbook, is very close to being ready to sell. There will be physical and ebook editions available. I still have some things to finalize, and I have a planned trip out of town to visit family during the first week of August, but I'm shooting for a late August release date.

Due to spacing limitations, three of the poems in the book had to be altered in order to fit on the page of the physical edition. These poems are completely unaltered in the ebook edition. However, I want to make sure that everyone can read these poems as they were originally written, so I've decided to post them to my website, both as a sort of preview and so that they're available to everyone who would like to read them as they were meant to be.

The first poem will go up July 24 (today/tomorrow depending on the time zone as you're reading right this second) on Patreon and be posted publicly on Friday. Due to the aforementioned trip out of town, I cannot make promises on when exactly the next one will be posted, but if I don't have time to post it while I'm gone I will definitely be able to post it when I come back.

This has been...exciting and weird, to be honest. But I'm finally close to being done. I've been dreaming of doing this for a while and now I'm about to make it happen. OH GOODNESS YOU GUYS.

Thanks for your support! See you soon!

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