Circus Recommends - July 2018 YouTube Roundup

Taking a bit of time out of my vacation to post the July YouTube roundup. Not as many videos this time, but hopefully one of them will be to your liking.

LGRFoods - LGRwich №18 - Bourbon Smoked Ham & Awesome Sauce

I randomly had this recommended to me by the gods of YouTube. I didn't know I wanted LGR making sandwiches to (what I think is) lounge music, but damn are these fun. I'm linking the most recent one he's done because it's the first one I saw, but I'd check them all out if you're so inclined.

MandoPony - Die Anywhere Else | Night In The Woods Rock Cover by MandoPony

Night in the Woods is excellent and so is this cover of one of its songs. As someone who once got the hell out of a small town, the lyrics really speak to me.

JelloApocalypse - Reviewing Every Pokemon Movie (to their Theme Songs!)

One of Jello's "review such-and-such group of movies" videos, with the added twist that it's done in song. Also reminds me how excellent the third movie was. And yes, as someone who was a kid when Pokemon was coming out, I absolutely saw the first three movies in theaters.

Jay Tuber - I switched Perfect Cell's voice with Plankton's

This is objectively perfect and I will hear no word to the contrary.

Pikasprey Blue - Dreaming Mary | RPG Maker Adventure Game

A quick playthrough of the very dark RPG Maker horror game Dreaming Mary. Content warnings for: gore, violent imagery, sexual abuse. (Yes, with that title screen.)

SweetSasaChan - [PMMM] The Blackest Day [Homura x Madoka MMV]

A little Madoka x Homura MMV. I've always been fond of MMVs. Wouldn't mind trying to make them myself someday when I have actual programs for it and a computer that isn't old and crusty.

The Completionist - Pokemon Pinball | The Completionist

A video on the original Pokemon Pinball. Found it nicely nostalgic even though I had the Ruby/Sapphire version of Pokemon Pinball as a kid and not the original. (Maybe he'll do that one too someday?)


That's all for today!

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