Circus Recommends - August 2018 YouTube Roundup

YouTube roundup again. Actually getting it out on time since there's no vacation to distract me this time, sigh. Yes a few of these came out publicly today, but technically they were put on Patreon first and I liked them anyway. Also, there is not and has never been any order to this list; they just go in random order.

Stryder7x - Happy Lucky Lottery is a Scam

A video about the Happy Lucky Lottery in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and why it is an evil scam. I honestly didn't know about this and it was a bit mind-blowing.

CellSpex - Teen Titans Go to the MOVIES Review

A surprisingly thoughtful and unbiased review of that new movie thing. No, I don't like Teen Titans Go. No, I'm never gonna watch the movie itself. Maybe that's okay?

The Dom - 10 Tips and Harsh Truths about becoming a Professional Youtuber

Exactly what it says on the tin. Contains a segment about the struggles of being a female Youtuber by The Movie Chick, both in abridged form during the video and in full at the end of it. I wouldn't call it a particularly happy video, but it is very informative.

Lindsay Ellis - The Death of the Hollywood Movie Musical

A video essay about movie musicals and their terrible horrible death, maybe.

Just Write - Writing Characters Without Character Arcs

About characters and character arcs. These descriptions are getting great, huh?

PushingUpRoses - The History of Doug (Nickelodeon/Disney)

A retrospective on the cartoon Doug. It looks like PUR is planning to do some more TV retrospectives and I'm glad to hear it, because this one is fun and nostalgic and gets that damn catchy Doug theme stuck in my head.

Billiam - Neopets in 2018: Obsolete and Thriving | Billiam

A look back at that timeless(?) classic Neopets. I did actually play a few games while at my brother's house during vacation, which is probably why I liked this video so much. Nostalgia is real.

Musical Hell - Sextette (Musical Hell Review #73)

Your favorite musical reviewer reviews Sextette. This one's kind of a doozy.

Chiikaboom - [RS] Are You Ready

A My Hero Academia AMV by my most favorite Chiikaboom. I don't actually watch MHA. I just like cool AMVs.

The Dom - The Dom Reviews YOU, Episode Two

Okay, I normally have a rule about only recommending one video per YouTuber per list to keep things fresh. But this is the Dom's ongoing series where he reviews things that fans send him, and in this particular one he reviews a game by my very first beloved Patron, Naomi Norbez, and that's why I'm saying you should check it out.


That's all for this time. See ya!

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