Circus Recommends - September 2018 YouTube Roundup

Hey folks. I'm sick and supposed to be resting. I've crawled out of bed long enough to bring you a few Youtube videos.

Lindsay Ellis - YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)

A very interesting video on what it's like to be a YouTube creator these days.

Defunctland - DefunctTV: The History of Zoboomafoo

I didn't realize that I remembered Zoboomafoo until seeing this video. YOU didn't realize that you remembered Zoboomafoo until seeing this video.

Core Ideas - How Teen Titans Adapted The Judas Contract

A video on the main plot arc of Season 2 of the original animated Teen Titans series. Spoilers, obviously.

Musical Hell - The Ten Commandments: Musical Hell #20

Every now and then I like to go back through and watch some Musical Hell. Hadn't seen this one yet, and it amused me.

Lowart - Is Teen Titans 2003 As Great As We Remember? | A Complete Review of OG Teen Titans - Part 1

The answer is yes. Okay, anyway. Been on a Teen Titans kick lately, and apparently so has this YouTuber. This is Part 1 in an eight-part series, fair warning.

dzeeff - Dead Card Games - Avatar: the Last Airbender

A quick look at the didn't-end-up-taking-off card game based on the really-did-take-off cartoon.

Phelan Porteous - Tarzan: Lord of the Rainforest (Dingo Pictures) - Phelous

Another awesome look at a terrible Dingo Pictures knockoff by Phelous the Dingo Pictures knockoff expert.

Billiam - Digimon Frontier: The HATED Season

Apparently I'm the only person on Earth who liked Frontier and didn't like Tamers. Go figure!

Todd in the Shadows - ONE HIT WONDERLAND: "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett

I work in retail and thus it's been Halloween time for weeks now. Therefore, it's perfect for a Halloween-ish video.


Thanks, everyone. Crawling back to bed now. :)

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