Circus Recommends - October 2018 YouTube Roundup

Hey all. Time for more YouTube videos. Apologies for the lateness; I had an unusually hectic week at work that involved medical emergencies, calling the police, and Halloween. Not all at the same time, thankfully.

Just Write - The Best Novel Of 2018 Might Be A Graphic Novel

A video about Sabrina, the first graphic novel to be nominated for the Man Booker Prize. Minor spoilers, but nothing that would ruin it if you want to check it out yourself. (I definitely do!)

BreezeElric - heavy hearts. [for IIXMagicXII]

I was nostalgic for MMVs the other week and went looking for some good ones. This one is pretty old. But pretty good! And it predates Rebellion so that's pretty neat cough cough.

supergreatfriend - Revisiting Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut pt. 1

A new LP of Deadly Premonition by THE guy for Deadly Premonition LPs, supergreatfriend. This seems like a game that would be very frustrating to actually play, but it's a joy to experience.

LGR Foods - Breakfast №1 - Eggs, Bacon, Berries, Coffee

LGR Foods is back with something other than a sandwich! This time it's a delicious-looking breakfast. I'm not sure what about these videos is so enticing, but they're very fun to binge-watch.

PushingUpRoses - The Weird Origins of The Brave Little Toaster

A video about The Brave Little Toaster. Remember that movie? I vaguely remember that movie. Seems like it's a lot stranger than I remembered.

Bad Lip Reading - "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" -- A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back

The fact that this has roughly 74 million views tells me that most of the three people reading this have probably seen this before. But damn it, I'd never seen it before and it was hilarious.

Smooth McGroove - Lavender Town 💀UpSiDe DoWn💀 Acapella

Acapella cover of the Lavender Town theme reversed. A little late for Halloween, but pretty cool regardless.

zefrank1 - True Facts : Dragonflies

I'm so happy that these are back.


Apologies once again for the lateness. Enjoy!

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