Circus Rambles - On vacation preparations

In no particular order, a list of things you do when preparing to go on vacation.

- Wear nothing but clothes you aren't particularly fond of because you want to pack all your good clothes

- Try to start packing and realize all your good clothes are dirty and thus need to be washed

- Wash your most-worn jackets so you can wear them on vacation, and thus get stuck wearing a jacket your ex gave you because it's clean and warm and outside it's winter

- Try to add up how many pairs of socks you need to pack and fail at least twice because math is hard on Fridays

- Search for one particular hat and end up finding four different, unrelated hats instead of the one you're looking for

- Bemoan the messy state of your apartment and think you really should clean it before you leave so that it'll be clean when you get back, but then decide that it isn't worth the effort because you won't be in it for twelve days anyway, but then decide you're being lazy and you really should clean it, but then decide that you're okay with being lazy especially when you're thirsty

- Debate what book to bring with you for the plane ride and then realize that you have a book you haven't read yet

- Feel slightly sad because that book you haven't read yet was recommended by your last therapist who quit taking your insurance and you probably won't get a chance to tell them what you think of it

- Give up on packing and vacation thinking for the moment and debate taking a nap instead


Man, when did packing for vacation get so complicated?

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