Circus Recommends - March 2019 YouTube Roundup

It's time for some YouTube videos, yo. I'm pretty snarky today.

LGR - Animorphs: How Those Weird Covers Were Made Using Elastic Reality

A video talking about how the original Animorphs covers were made using an old software program called Elastic Reality. Super interesting IMO even if you aren't an Animorphs fan.

PeanutButterGamer - Harvest Moon Magical Melody - PBG

PeanutButterGamer does Harvest Moon again!

PushingUpRoses - That Time Murder, She Wrote's Murderer Was a Dog

This series is making me want to start watching Murder, She Wrote.

The Dom - Fifty Shades Freed, Lost in Adaptation ~ The Dom

And with this, The Dom's suffering finally ends. For now.

JelloApocalypse - So This is Basically Animal Crossing

I mean he's not wrong

Thomal9 - Top 5 Worst Harvest Moon Games

I've been on a big Harvest Moon kick recently and I discovered this channel through that. Yo.

ThePopushi - 『Pokécito』 Despacito Pokémon Parody (feat. Eric H)

Don't judge me.

Doug Perry - Undertale Variations - for solo marimba

There is not enough marimba in the world.

Orpheus Collective - Law & Order Theme (Acapella)

All of this please


That's all for this time, folks. See ya!

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