Circus Recommends - April 2019 YouTube Roundup

It's some YouTube videos you guys!

Smooth McGroove - My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Parody; Acapella

This is the best song ever and I will hear no argument to the contrary.

SJ Shark Wannabe - Greed $50,000 Think Cue

Greed had music that was way too epic for a game show. And it was awesome.

Chase Holfelder - adele: someone like you (minor key version)

Another major to minor cover that sounds absolutely haunting and lovely.

gillythekid - The Best & Worst Nickelodeon Games - gillythekid

An overview of some Nickelodeon video games. Some good, some pretty darn terrible.

NickRewind - Judge Trudy: Halloween Edition | The Amanda Show | NickRewind

Been quite nostalgic for the Amanda Show recently, if only because I have a friend named Amanda and now every time she shows up I can proclaim, "Hey, it's the Amanda Show!" Also Judge Trudy is a good skit.

2WEI - Survivor

Epic covers are my favorite kind of covers.

PushingUpRoses - That Time Magnum P.I. and Murder, She Wrote Did A Crossover

I'm really enjoying these videos on Murder, She Wrote so far. Kinda makes me want to track down old episodes and watch them.

Dominic Noble - The Great Gatsby, Lost in Adaptation ~ Dominic Noble

What a jolly good video, old sport.

Thomal9 - Let's Play Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley 01: Welcome to Leaf Valley

Been having a good time watching Harvest Moon LPs lately, and Thomal9 has a number of them that I've enjoyed. This is the one that's currently running.


That'll do for this time, I think. Fare-thee-well!

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