Circus Recommends - June 2019 YouTube Roundup

I keep getting sick and depressed and not writing blog posts. Cause I suck. I'm not good at blogging I don't think. I need to get better at it. Anyway here's some videos.

Brutalmoose - Fling-ama-String! - Cat Toy Review

Okay you don't really need a review of a cat toy specifically. You just need the cat that is playing with the toy. This provides that.

Cosmodore - ...Oh Yeah, "Rango" Was a Thing!

I saw this in theaters when it came out and loved it and I still kinda forget about this movie. Someone gives it some love and that's cool.

24 Frames of Nick - Do You Remember Megamind?

Honestly, same case as above. Actually, I think this was the movie I saw on my nineteenth birthday right after getting hit by a car. It's a long story.

PushingUpRoses - That Time LeVar Burton Was On Murder, She Wrote

I know this draws attention to LeVar Burton, but this whole episode I can't help thinking "that time Lennie Briscoe was on Murder, She Wrote" because it also features Jerry Orbach and I miss him. Also, this video I believe isn't monetized due to some shenanigans from NBC, so go like it!

Pikasprey Blue - Pokemon Red: Battle Factory | Rom Hack

In which Vulpix dominates due to weird programming choices of generation I Pokemon.

Games As Literature - Review: Celeste

A review of the game Celeste, which I keep meaning to play but haven't yet because I suck.

Savage Books - What Bojack Horseman Teaches Us About Character Development

Talking about a great show up in here, can you tell I'm running out of steam as far as blurbs go

supergreatfriend - Story Time - You Lied Your Way Into A Job As A Surgeon!

A video on a strange IF game from Clickhole, because why not?

Todd in the Shadows - ONE HIT WONDERLAND" "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire

Not sure why but I've been digging this episode lately.


I think that's all I got, you guys. Tune in next time for some other stuff.

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