April ?/30 - one

"I'm terrible at sitting down and writing, because for me writing is almost entirely a way to process my life and communicate to other people. I almost feel like I can't write for fun anymore, and I haven't been able to in years. I've written since I was ten and I've never stopped enjoying it, but I've never quite been able to get hang of things like writing prompts because I generally write at random moments in time.

All this to say that I wrote a poem, and I'm just going to share what I write this month here and maybe I'll get to 30 and probably I won't, but eh. It's not a big deal as I'm making it out to be. I've been told I can be dramatic."

Above was my original Facebook/Instagram post, which I wrote out of the blue, thereby proving my own point in a way. So...I guess it's here I go? I'm sort of doing an April poetry 30/30 now. An April ?/30. I honestly doubt I'll make it to thirty. But I'll try and write as much as I can. I am a rather stubborn person.

I hope you enjoy.

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