Circus Recommends - YouTube Roundup December 2020

Hey y'all. I decided to bring this back, at least this once. I've been home a lot lately and thus watching a lot of videos.

AcousticTrench - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Fingerstyle (Trench & Maple)

This dog is hecking adorable.

LGR - The 1995 WizardWorks Holiday Collection CD-ROM

A surprisingly hilarious Christmas-themed video.

Amanda the Jedi - This is the GREATEST Movie of All Time (The Velocipastor)

Now you know there is a movie by title. I didn't know that.

Samara Ginsberg - Inspector Gadget for 8 cellos

Because why not.

OwlKitty - Smash Bros with a Cat

I've been shamelessly watching cat videos a lot more lately...

Butters The Bean - Impatient Cat Meows At Dad

Like this one...

2 Mello - 2 Mello - Later Alligator Original Soundtrack - Full Album [OFFICIAL]

Beautiful soundtrack babee.

Phelan Porteous - Pokemon Promo VHS that Nintendo Wants you to Forget - Phelous

A fun look at a weird old Pokemon promo vid.


That's all, folks.

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