Status update 12-21-20

Whoops, I actually still need to update the website so that it doesn't look like garbage.


As previously mentioned, this year has been garbage, and that's kind of gotten in the way of...well, everything. But somehow in the last month or so I have actually managed to write! some! things! And I thought I'd give a quick update on all that jazz, for the five or so people who are actually reading this. Whoever you five are, you make my cold and withered heart a bit warmer.

So, coming soon to a Circus near you:

Zines: I normally print my zines at the public library, but all of them have been closed since March. However, I did manage to finally find another place to print things, and I'm currently in the process of restocking some of my old zines, as well as putting together some brand new ones. The current plan is to do a big fancy sale/shop refresh once everything is ready to go.

Chapbooks: I have one mini chapbook that is written; I am currently commissioning artwork for it, and I still need to get it edited, but once those tasks are done, getting it into the store should be quick and easy. I also have a full-length chapbook that is approaching the editing phase, but that one will probably take a bit longer, as I have a particular vision for the artwork and the folks I have lined up to help with it won't be available for a little while. Also for some reason both of these chapbooks are about food. No wonder my mom constantly makes comments about my weight.

Stickers: Well, sticker, as in singular. I'm going to do a little test and see if people will buy stickers from me. Waiting on that to arrive in the mail, and it will be put in the store alongside the new zines.

I'm not promising dates until I have everything lined up and ready to go. I was hoping to get the zines assembled and ready to ship, but as I keep forgetting, this week is Christmas, so in all likelihood it won't be until early January. I'll do my best to get them out sooner if possible.

Also, I did revamp my Patreon tiers and am making an effort to post more consistently on there. I'm still pretty horrible at self-marketing, but I'm trying to get better at it, because...sigh, reasons. The reasons for this honestly need their own post. Another day.

I think that's just about everything. Thanks for reading! I am now off to play the new Stardew Valley update, probably for the next month. :D


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